We believe it is important to include and engage young people in awareness raising about violence against women and girls. This is because children and young people can also be affected by violence at home. We recognise the importance of educating young people about the issue when at school so that they know support is available.

School awareness-raising sessions on violence against women

We deliver awareness-raising sessions in schools across Rotherham and South Yorkshire. For years, we’ve been delivering sessions to year 10 students at Brinsworth Comprehensive School.

The sessions cover many aspects of violence against women and girls from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, including honour-based violence, forced marriage, and sexual exploitation; how these issues affect young people; and what support is available to overcome them.

Social Work students

We also provide sessions to classes of Social Work students, delivering tailored content regarding violence against women and girls and how this affects the wider community. In turn, we also offer volunteering opportunities to Social Work students at the Apna Haq office.

If your school is interested in Apna Haq delivering sessions on violence against women and girls in the black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, please Contact us for more information.